anti covid-19 multifunction key

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Multifunction key helps fight virus and bacteria contamination

It reduces contact with potentially contaminated surfaces and provides a simple and effective solution

reinforced by its anti-bacterial copper plating*

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anti covid-19 multifunction key

The multifunction key allows you to open door handles, dial your bank code or press an elevator button without using your fingers or hand.

The probability of contracting the virus with the hand is higher than with the anti-covid-19 key which has a touch surface of a few millimeters.

Copper helps to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Material: Copper plated alloy
Size: 7 x 3 x 0.4 cm
Weight: 25 gr

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* Researchers at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom have found that this metal is extremely effective in eliminating influenza (influenza) viruses, the family of viruses to which avian influenza belongs.

The scientists placed 2 million active units of Influenza A virus (H1N1) on a C11000 copper sheet (pure sheet metal) and on a sheet of S30400 stainless steel. In both cases, the viruses were affected. On the steel sheet, the viruses declined to 500,000 units after 24 hours. On the copper foil, all but 500 viruses were rendered inactive after only six hours, a 99.9% reduction.


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