MASK FFP2/KN95 carton of 960 pcs

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FFP2 type filter mask

Protects the wearer against the risk of inhalation of infectious agents transmissible by air and by droplets.

Model 40AS3 - FFP2 NR EN149 :2001 + A1 or KN95 GB2626-2006

Carton of  960 masks / box of 40 mask

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MASK FFP2/KN95 carton of 960 pcs


Protects the wearer from the risk of inhalation of airborne and droplet-borne infectious agents.
1. Follow the instructions for use.
2. Do not use the mask when the pollutant concentration reaches a level
dangerous to health.
3. If you experience difficulty breathing, discomfort or other discomfort, leave
immediately the pollution zone.
4. Replace the mask in case of degradation or difficulty breathing.
5. Check the integrity of the mask before applying it. The elastic parts
and the nasal part must be checked.
6. Do not modify, clean or damage the mask.
7. Do not use the mask on a long beard, hair or any other item
may compromise the seal of the mask against the skin.
8. Use the mask according to government regulations.
9. If the mask is not used properly, its effectiveness will be reduced
could cause serious injury.
10. Maximum operating temperature 50C°.

Humidity must not exceed 80% and temperature must be included
between -20C° and 38C°.
Keep in a dry place, well ventilated and without corrosive gas.

The use of the mask is limited to 8 hours.

The mask is to be used only for specific respiratory protections.
Incorrect use of the mask may cause irreversible damage or death.

Détails produit

The FFP2/ KN95 mask is ideal for protection against viruses and germs 
Filtration of particles such as those emitted during sanding, sanding,
polishing and cutting or processing of metals, coal, mineral
iron, flour, minerals, wood, pollen and certain other substances
liquids or non-fat particles diffused by aerosol or vapour.

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