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True safety island for the protection of public and private spaces. Thanks to advanced technologies, our access control passage module protects both the user and the host structure against the risks of contamination and contagion.

Solution suitable for any environment: large companies, banks, museums, shops with a large number of entrances, airports, large stations, gymnasiums, cinemas, theaters, hotels ...

Benefits :

  • Body temperature control with an external display
  • Number of access control
  • Verification of the presence of the device (example: wearing a mask)
  • Effective use of EPI
  • Short and reassuring self-safety experience
  • Responsibility and protection of the health and safety of users
  • Respect for privacy
  • Remote management via an application
  • Modular and customizable


  • 5 year warranty
  • EAN code: Without code
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How it works ?

The individual sanitation process is integrated into access control thanks to the artificial intelligence system

Body temperature control

An external screen equipped with body temperature sensors visually and acoustically communicates to the user whether or not the portal is available.

Number of access control

The thermo scanner communicates with the door opening mechanism according to a model which can also include the control of the maximum number of authorized access on the parameter of the outputs recorded by the turnstiles or other measuring systems.

Checking the presence of the devic

This process is managed by a neural network of artificial intelligence also predisposed to the evaluation of other parameters of eligibility at the entry, like the presence of the mask on the face of the person.

Remote management

An application also allows remote management with a minimum of dedicated staff.

Short and reassuring self-safety experience

The passage in the cabin is a reassuring and short experience which does not generate anxiety for the user. Inside the portal, a screen will inform the person on the correct use of PPE (mask, glove, disinfectant gel ...). These are easy to use thanks to specific and clearly identifiable distributors.

Respect for privacy

The system guarantees user privacy. It is based on the exclusive interpretation of encrypted metadata. No personal information or image of the controlled persons is recorded or used later.

Responsibility and protection of the health and safety of users

The access control system protects the security of all customers and employees.

Effective use of EPIU

The system provides special dispensers for the individual protection devices (mask, gloves, disinfectant gel, any trolley cover) necessary for protection and thanks to the Smart TV, it is possible to communicate all the necessary information in a clear and personalized manner. .

Smart supervision

The system is connected to an artificial intelligence platform, capable of acting as an attentive supervisor on what is happening 24 hours a day, interpreting the scenario with full knowledge of the facts.

Body measurement module

The device consists of:

The thermal sensor with an accuracy of +/- 0.2 ° C and a reading distance between 35 and 50 cm
The display of the user interface which contains the main functions of the user guide to allow the recognition of the customer's face and its alignment with the thermal sensor


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Disinfection portal

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Inflatable tunnel

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